About Us

3 Gatos Brewery was founded in 2021 by long time home brewers Linus and Renata De Paoli. They started home brewing in April 2011 while still living in Brazil and quickly were in love with brewing and craft beer. Both being engineers at a major Automotive OEM at the time they kept brewing as a hobby even when they moved to Germany in 2015. But slowly the idea of working professionally with beer and owning a small brewery became stronger and stronger.

In 2018 Linus took part in a 2 weeks brewing course at the VLB-Berlin to further improve his knowledge in brewing. It was there that he met Rommie Bailey, owner of Kitzingen Brewery from Wyoming-MI, and quickly became friends.

At the end of 2019 Rommie offered to sell the brewery to Linus and Renata. During a quick visit to the brewery in February 2020 Linus and Renata decided to buy it and after a long process (and some waiting due to the pandemic going on) they took over it and started to give their own personality to the place.

That’s when Kitzingen Brewery became 3 Gatos Brewery.

Linus and Renata lived and experienced the European beer culture during the time they lived Germany (from 2015 to 2020). Now, they are combining all this knowledge and experience with American experimentalism and entrepreneurship.

3 Gatos Brewery represents what craft beer means for Linus and Renata: diversity, openness, inclusion and tolerance.