3 Gatos Brewery is comming soon…

After a long time planning and waiting 3 Gatos Brewery is coming soon to Wyoming MI.

But what is it all about?

3 Gatos Brewery is the realization of the dream of its founders and owners.
Linus and Renata are Brazilians who have a long-time passion for craft beer and brewing. They also have lived in Germany for almost six years before moving to West Michigan and at that time traveled all around Europe (and drank a lot of different beers and ate a lot of different food).

So 3 Gatos Brewery will be an international-themed brewery with a strong Brazilian and German influence in its beer and food menu. And we’ll also try to bring a little bit of all places they visited, like Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Czech Republic, to our customers as special items on the menu and during special events.
We hope you are excited and curious to try out what we have planned.
So hang on tight as we still don’t have a firm opening date. We’ll post here as soon as we know.