Our Beers

3 Gatos Brewery is about creative and innovative beers, inspired, or not, by German, Belgian, British, and American beer cultures.

3 Gatos Beer


Kölsch 4.7% ABV 20 IBU

Light, crispy, low bitterness and refreshing German pale ale

Foldex (Servus!)

Hefeweizen 5.2% ABV 12 IBU

Refreshing German Wheat Ale with notes of Banana and clove flavor


Märzen 5.8% ABV 20 IBU

German amber lager with a malty body and bread crust-like flavor with a clean finish

American Bobtail

Double IPA 8% ABV 88 IBU Citra and Michigan Mackinac hops

Classic American style Double IPA. Malty and bitter with intense hops flavor (Citrus and Piney)

Maine Coon

New England style Hazy IPA 7.2% ABV 16 IBU Citra, Mosaic, and Rakau hops

Hazy, juicy, smooth, low bitterness, and intense hops flavor (tropical fruits and citrus aroma)


Belgian Saison collaboration with TwoGuys and Adesanya 7.5% ABV

Dry, floral, with Belgian yeast driven spice flavor and a touch of fruit

Brewed as a 3 way collab where the same malt base was used on all three places and each one added their personal touch on yeast and hops.


Raspberry Coconut Ale brewed with home brewer Scott Mars for the Beer City Brewers Guild 2021 Pro-Am 6.0% ABV

Mildly tart, balanced fruit beer with a good coconut background


Oatmeal Stout 6.2%

A smooth Oatmeal Stout with an assertive coffee and chocolate notes  

Panthera pardus

Imperial Stout 10.8% ABV on Nitro

Intense black chocolate and coffee flavor with a warming alcohol aftertaste on Nitro for extra creaminess